You never really own a piece of Beautiful You Jewelry. You simply love it, take care of it, and make plans to pass it down.

7 Ways You Can Help Small Business (like ours), Without Spending Any Money.

Posted by Aaron Bouverette on

Follow us on social media.

Leave a Recommendation   Only if you're comfortable doing so... please take a selfie with your new piece of jewelry and post it on the recommendation section of my jewelry Facebook page or tag us on Insta. You don’t have to say much, “Thank You!” or “I love my new earrings” would make perfect short answers. The more good reviews Google can see,  the more they will show our page to other people.

Interact with our posts.  Liking is great, the little heart symbol is even better.  If you really want to help, put a comment on the post as well.

This doesn’t have to be much,  Wow, Cute, Or Love this! Are all very strong ways to tell Facebook, or Pinterest, that this page is worth showing to more people.  

This is almost effortless and it may not seem like a big deal, but this small act of kindness, really does make a huge positive impact because the more you react, the more people we can reach.

Share our posts.  Major bonus points if you take the time to share one of our posts. For real, like 3 brownie points AND a gold star! for doing this one. 

The caption doesn’t have to be complicated.  “Check out this cute ring I found”, “I'm thinking about buying this necklace” or “I love this little jewelry shop” would work great!

Tag friends that would like our products.  So you're looking through our shiny pretty things and something reminds you of someone else.  Tag them! or share it with them, there is a button under every item to make it easy.

They will know that you are thinking about them and you get to help getting the word out about a great little company at the same time. 


Put us on your gift list.  The next time you're struggling to figure out what to tell someone you would like as a gift, suggest us.  Send them a link to  something you like, or ask that they buy a gift card.

You can feel great knowing that we are not expensive like the big stores and you will actually get something that you will use and love, plus, and as a bonus you will be giving someone else a chance to find something they will love as well. 

Word of mouth.  If you like what we are doing, tell your other friends and family about us.  When they ask you about your shiny new piece of jewelry.  Tell them where you found it or offer to send them the link. We promise to take great care of your people as well.


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