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How to Know if a Jewelry Website is Trustworthy

Posted by Aaron Bouverette on


We are so proud at Beautiful You Jewelry, to be your personal jeweler and we are honored by all those who have entrusted us with being a part of their special occasions.  We also know that we are not the only place that you shop and we want you to be safe when shopping online, especially for jewelry.  It is unfortunate that there are those in the industry who do not value honesty and are only looking to scam people of their hard earned money.  Here are our suggestions for the most important things to look for if you find yourself on an unfamiliar site.

Return policy.  

Buying jewelry online is great, but since you won't be able to see or feel the jewelry before you purchase, it is crucial that there is a return policy in place should you need to return it, if for any reason you're not happy with the item.  

Ethics Statement

Look for an ethics statement,  every good jeweler has a standard of ethics statement and this is important.  Jewelry has a dark history of human rights abuses.  You want to know that the jewelry company you are doing business with cares about people other than their immediate customer.


All reputable jewelers are proud of their work and will guarantee their merchandise to be free from all workmanship errors.

Contact Information

It should be easy to find a way to contact someone if you have any questions.  If you cannot find a phone number on the website, it is a good indication that you should find another company to do business with. This information is typically found at the bottom of the page by clicking on a link labeled “Contact us”  Here you will only find a phone number but also email address, social media links and sometimes even a live chat feature. 

Pricing Transparency

Trustworthy jewelry websites do not hide their prices or ask you to inquire in order to find out the price.  Prices will be clearly marked and the same for every shopper. 

Website Design

Good jewelers are by nature people who pay close attention to fine details.  If a jewelry website doesn't look like it is professionally put together it is a red flag that professionalism is lacking all areas of the business.  

No High Pressure Sales.

Great Jewelry stores always have a way to get in contact with a friendly and knowledgeable sales associate.  This person will answer questions without being pushy.  A good salesperson knows that buying jewelry is a special occasion and wants to be a part of that experience.


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