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Men's Extra Large Thickness 220 Beveled Curb Chain (8.3mm)

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Our thickest chain,  makes a bold statement and is perfect for big personalities.  Our most popular length in this chain is 26"  most of our clients find this to be the sweet spot in thick, low hanging chains.  

If you are the type that only wants a large chain for special nights out, This chain makes a great addition to your everyday chain. 

Two Chain Set Ups: Traditionally when wearing a two chain set up it is most common for the longest chain to be the thickest chain.  This chain at 26" paired with our Large Thickness Figaro Chain in a 24" length make an impressive pairing.

Gift Giving Guide:  As a gift this chain shows enormous respect.  DO NOT buy this as a gift unless you are certain the they like super thick chains.  This chain is too thick to be conservative.  

.925 Sterling silver chain with a lobster clasp closure. Made in Italy .925