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Men's Large Thickness 180 Beveled Curb Chain (6.6mm)

Regular price $49.00

This Large Thickness chain is our best selling chain.  This is a serious chain, there is nothing subtle about this one.  

Guide to Length: If you like to wear your chain under your your button up shirt and have a little bit of your chain visible, with your top button undone.  22" will be great for you.   If you want your chain to hang below the collar of your v neck T shirt, or if your a big guy, go with a 24"

If you like your chains to hang low, 26 inches is our most popular length. It is considered by most of our clients to be the sweet spot in long chains.  Its long enough most people can put over there head without undoing the clasp.  

Gift giving guide:  This chain is a perfect adult gift if you know they like a thick chains.  This chain is generally too big for children.  We suggest our standard size chain for first chain gifts or for someone who doesn't want to stand out too much. This is a great upgrade chain for the kid that has taken good care of their first chain.  This is a great chain to mark a special occasion or achievement.  

6.6mm sterling silver beveled curb chain with a lobster clasp closure. Made in Italy.925 Sterling Silver